Vinyl tiles with different patterns - more on the Studio Moods collection from IVC Commercial

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Vinyl floor tiles (LVT), which are rigid tiles in various sizes and shapes, are flexible floor coverings that are meant to pretend to be something they are not in reality.

Many customers who have always dreamed of having wood on their floor, but for some reason can't have it, come to us and just opt for vinyl panels in the shade they like best, such as light oak.

Vinyl panels are also very popular in open-plan offices, where they imitate concrete or stone in an interesting way.

Certainly, this type of flooring is becoming more and more popular and desirable from year to year by both private and business customers, which is why manufacturers are coming up with new, original designs.

The emergence of the Studio Moods collection from IVC Commercial was a response to the classic flooring solution.

Studio Moods is a line of LVT vinyl tiles and panels, which allow you to create a range of unusual combinations, patterns and arrangements, giving room for your own creativity and imagination.

With this collection, the manufacturer offers more than 100 patterns comprising hexagons, triangles, rhomboids or squares of various colours and sizes, which, when combined together, make a great impression.

Thanks to its originality, the Studio Moods collection is particularly popular with architects, who are often looking for unusual solutions for their clients.

In addition to a great look, the panels last for years thanks to the 0.55 layer. They come in a glued version and are aimed at both the commercial and domestic markets. The collection gives you the opportunity to create a unique modular floor, so if you are looking for something special, the Studio Moods collection is certainly for you.

Izabela Piórkowska

Izabela Piórkowska

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