PVC flexible floor coverings

We offer PVC commercial floor coverings made of polyvinyl chloride. They are characterized by increased resistance to conditions of use. They have the necessary certificates and documents allowing for use in construction and meet international standards. PVC floor coverings are ideal for medical and dental offices, social rooms (bathroom, kitchen, employee canteen, etc.), and schools.

Due to the structure, the PVC flooring offered by us is available in two variants:

  • multi-layer (heterogeneous),
  • single-layer (homogeneous).

The number of layers and the variety of substances used have a decisive impact on the quality of the floor covering, and thus indicate its destination, while meeting all the technical and hygienic requirements set for this type of flooring materials.

The main advantages of this type of solution can therefore be determined as follows:

  • resistance to heavy traffic,
  • resistance to dirt,
  • the ability to create attractive designs,
  • easy to keep clean and maintain hygiene defined by strict regulations,
  • affordable price.

The floor coverings available in our offer are intended primarily for installation in places with medium, high and extreme traffic. They are applied mainly in:

  • medical and dental offices,
  • social facilities - bathrooms, kitchens, employee canteens, etc.,
  • schools
  • commercial facilities
  • industrial facilities

Each of our floor coverings has all the necessary certificates, which ensure that all the necessary international requirements for this type of product are met.




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