Floor coverings for schools and kindergartens

Creating friendly conditions for work and learning has a significant impact on the success of an educational facility.

Here, like in offices, the aesthetics and comfort of the interior, to a large extent, are determined by floor coverings in all rooms. Each school room has a different specificity - a completely different floor is needed in the corridor than in the library or the headmaster’s office. There are also safety reasons - children often run on these floors and on the stairs. Where there are toddlers, the floor covering can also encourage play - a vivid combination of colors or a fun pattern.

Wykładziny dla szkół i przedszkoli

More informations about floor coverings for schools and kindergartens are available on website: www.dla-szkol.pl

We would also like to remind you that all floor coverings used in educational facilities must have appropriate certificates, which is subject to inspection by health and safety inspectors.

A wide selection of floor coverings for schools:

  • durable elastic flooring (PVC, rubber, linoleum)
  • safe carpet lining for the youngest (velor, looped)
  • elegant flooring for the headmaster’s office (velor in a tile or roll)
Why is it worth it?
  • Free consultation
  • Branded floor coverings
  • Professional installation
  • Specialized accessories
  • Excellent service
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