Protec 2

Protective tiles for sports floors

Protective tiles for sports floors

Sports halls usually host a large variety of events - special ceremonies, school balls and discos, exhibitions, high school or middle school exams. In educational facilities, sports halls must meet requirements not only for athletes - they are also used during various important events. In most cases, there is a high risk of mechanical damage or even hazardous floor contamination, which is why protecting it is very important.
Protec 2 confronts this problem. Protec 2 are innovative protective plates for sports floors. They are large-format carpet tiles, intended for multiple use. They are ideal for protecting floors, as well as arranging stands during fairs and exhibitions. The fleece is a needled carpet covering with very good functional properties; it is characterized by a 32 utility class and a fire class at the level of Bfl-s1.

Why choose Protec 2?

  • Extremely easy and quick installation - even one person can do it
  • Very convenient to store - a small room is sufficient
  • Easy to move
  • Extremely durable material produced in needle technology
  • The floor covering is made with a special polyolefin bottom that guarantees high grip to the surface without the use of an adhesive
  • 5 years warranty
  • Very low unit cost - only PLN 0.75 for 100 events and PLN 0.5 for 150 events!
  • No unsightly corrugations, resulting from poorly distributed and poorly attached protective covering. Thus, there is no risk of getting one’s foot caught, stumbling or falling.
  • No need to install on tape, which is later difficult to remove.
  • No wavy ends
  • It is worth noting that needled floor coverings are dedicated to public facilities; in many offices or institutions such floor coverings are used every day and can be used problem-free for several years!

Effective protection against:

  • Furniture on wheels
  • Heels
  • Furniture - sharp finishes of the legs of the chairs
  • Sand, which can scratch and tarnish the floor
  • Fluids and moisture


Technical data:

Technical data:
  • Struktura Igłowana
  • Spód: Polioefina
  • 100% polipropylen
  • Waga całkowita: 3200 g / m² ± 10%
  • Klasa użytkowa: 32 obiektowa, 23 mieszkaniowa
  • Klasa komfortu: LC2
  • Klasa ogniowa: Bfl-s1
  • Wyprodukowane w UE
  • 5 kolorów do wyboru
  • Dostępne formaty: 1m x 1m oraz 1m x 2m

75 zł/m2 netto


1702 Czerwony
1702 Czerwony
1704 Niebieski
1704 Niebieski
1705 Antracyt
1705 Antracyt
1708 Brązowy
1708 Brązowy
1725 Szary
1725 Szary
Spód płyt Protec2
Spód płyt Protec2
Why is it worth it?
  • Free consultation
  • Branded floor coverings
  • Professional installation
  • Specialized accessories
  • Excellent service
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