Linoleum floor coverings

Linoleum - a material that despite the passage of time is one of the best available flooring solutions used in public facilities. Schools, kindergartens and day-care centers are institutions where floor materials must meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and aesthetics. In addition, durability and ease of maintenance of the floor covering have a significant impact on reducing the cost of the floor covering’s exploitation. Thanks to its properties, Linoleum is a product that meets all these requirements.

Linoleum is produced only from natural raw materials:

• linseed oil - the main binder of the floor covering,
• natural resins - they give the floor covering flexibility,
• wood flour - a filler responsible for the absorption of dyes,
• cork meal - gives the lining softness, insulates thermally and acoustically,
• limestone - strengthens and smooths the material,
• dyes - they give the floor covering natural colors,
• burlap fabric - acts as an underlay.

Why is it worth it?
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