Linoleum floor coverings

Linoleum - a material that despite the passage of time is one of the best available flooring solutions used in public facilities. Schools, kindergartens and day-care centers are institutions where floor materials must meet the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and aesthetics. In addition, durability and ease of maintenance of the floor covering have a significant impact on reducing the cost of the floor covering’s exploitation. Thanks to its properties, Linoleum is a product that meets all these requirements.

Linoleum is produced only from natural raw materials:

• linseed oil - the main binder of the floor covering,
• natural resins - they give the floor covering flexibility,
• wood flour - a filler responsible for the absorption of dyes,
• cork meal - gives the lining softness, insulates thermally and acoustically,
• limestone - strengthens and smooths the material,
• dyes - they give the floor covering natural colors,
• burlap fabric - acts as an underlay.

Linoleum undergoes full biological decomposition. In contrast to artificial PVC, it is a fully biodegradable product and its disposal does not entail high costs. Linoleum is a product of neutral CO2 emissions. The traditional recipe does not allow the use of plastics, chlorine or heavy metals. DLW Linoleum has been awarded with many distinctions in the field of environmental protection: Blue Angel, Swan Label, Environment Certificate, BRE Global Limited, LEED

Linoleum is a floor covering resistant to intense pedestrian traffic. It is adapted for using standard office furniture, including wheelchairs. The homogeneous structure of linoleum allows its exploitation for at least a dozen or so years, which in turn determines the final cost efficiency. Due to its structure, Linoleum gives the possibility of surface renovation. Possible mechanical damage or staining can be easily removed by polishing the surface of the floor covering.


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