Flocked floor coverings

Flocked floor coverings are innovative floor coverings that combine all the functions and advantages of typical elastic floor coverings with the warmth and comfort of a carpet.

The soft bottom layer of the floor covering, as well as short and thick fibers (more than 80 million densely flocked nylon fibers with a density of 6.6 per m2) perfectly absorb impact sounds and give users a sense of comfort. In addition, flocked fibers intercept allergens and dust mites, which are released only during dry or wet cleaning, thus, for example, pollen on the surface of the floor covering does not float when walking (as is the case with most floor coverings). In addition, the Sanitized® protective agent is used to protect the floor covering from the proliferation of dust mites, and also makes it resistant to mold and odors.

Flocked floor coverings, due to their properties of typical elastic floor coverings, are waterproof, and any dirt can be easily removed using clean water.

Flocked floor coverings are characterized by excellent non-slip properties (comparable to R13) and excellent adhesion even in places where there is frequent moisture, while being pleasant to touch like moss.

Why is it worth it?
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  • Excellent service
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