Dimensional stability of the lining

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The right floor covering enriches interiors, giving them an innovative and aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, in some cases, the choice is not only determined by appearance and colour, but also by the complex requirements it must meet in a particular specialist room.

In the case of object carpets, regardless of their type and construction structure, one of the most important physical parameters is their dimensional stability.

This factor has a significant impact on the entire lifetime of the carpet immediately after installation. For carpet tiles in tiles, this parameter should be between ≤ 0.10% and 0.30% and for PVC, linoleum and LVT panels between ≤ 0.05% and 0.40%.

The lower the percentage of dimensional stability, the less susceptible the carpet will be to fluctuations in temperature differences in the room, and therefore the less likely it will shrink and expand. This is particularly important in terms of visual perception as there will be no visible gaps at the edge of the seam between the two sides of the carpet in question and no unraveling of the PVC carpet welding cords connecting its sides.

Paweł Golis

Paweł Golis

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