Cheap, fast and good - is it possible?

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The perfect floor is the dream of every homeowner. After all, it, along with the walls, forms the basis of the living area. While the vertical surfaces are mainly used for decoration and mounting of the necessary elements, the floor has a function that cannot be overestimated. It is where we walk every day, where toddlers crawl and children play, where we move furniture, exercise and do many other things. In addition, the floor is an important part of the interior design, giving it character. It must not only be beautiful, but also functional and durable. No matter what material it is finished with, the final user has the right to expect it to last for years. Ideally, these qualities should also be complemented by an attractive price and the finishing work should take as little time as possible. Cheap, fast and good - is it possible?

The dream of anyone undertaking construction, renovation or finishing work on a house is for the team to complete the job as quickly as possible. But speed is not the only important factor. It also has to be solid, even perfect and affordable. Some companies have adopted the slogan "cheap, fast and good" as an advertising slogan, but are they right? My many years of experience in the flooring and finishing industry leads me to believe not. Unfortunately, such a combination is impossible, and when someone assures you that it is - you should be cautious. Why is that?

  •     Cheaply - which means saving on materials. Solid ones also cost solidly. Then there are the costs of fuel and labour itself.
  •     fast - haste always weighs on the quality of workmanship. Accuracy and precision require time, attention and focus.
  •     good - is the sum of the two above

In summary - if it's cheap it's not good, if it's good it's neither fast nor cheap.  The analogy is with fast solutions. Of course, it is possible to perform a service on an accelerated schedule, but this will require an extended working day for the contractors, and this will translate into price. Both components also inevitably translate into the quality of workmanship.

Beautiful and robust floors for years to come

A good floor finish requires experience, precision and focus. These, in turn, are sometimes the result of years of study and experience, the final result of which allows for perfect execution of the assigned tasks.  However, the best ones are in demand and have their schedules filled sometimes months in advance, so those wishing to hire a proven and recommended team must be patient. The services of such professionals will certainly not be the cheapest on the market either.  However, the result is certainly worth the price and the wait - after all, good customer reviews and filled calendars are the best testimony to the quality of the services provided.

"The wily one loses twice"

The old adage says "the sly one loses twice", and yes, this is true when referring to price super bargains in "finishing". And indeed, super bargains often involve huge hassles and, ultimately, extra costs. There is no shortage of advertisements on the Internet, on finishing groups, about the search for companies/persons who will fix the mistakes of previous contractors hired without a contract, who did things quickly and cheaply, but very badly. Therefore, it is worth remembering the rule - quality costs money and requires patience, but the final result will allow you to sleep peacefully and relax in interiors with perfect floors - the basis of every flat and every floor space.

Marlena Pokora

Marlena Pokora

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