20th anniversary of the Coniveo

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From a small company which employs three workers, to Expert in the field of floor coverings - in that way we can describe twenty years of Coniveo. At that time, the number of employees increased ninefold, launched six own brands, and the team of installers has given over 7000 implementation.


On April 23 in Square atk the Krakowskie Przedmieście  in Warsaw,  was held the celebration of 20 anniversary of the Coniveo company. In one place there were over a hundred people, including representatives of the Polish factories and Europe, cooperating companies, a longtime customers and employees Coniveo who work together for the success of the company.

During the anniversary speeches, President and founder of Coniveo - Tomasz Urbanski, presented the history of the development of the company in the light of milestones and thanked all the guests for their contribution in building a business Coniveo. President expressed also appreciation to those who are associated with the company the longest - for Grzegorz Żelazowski, Ewa Bilkiewicz and Jarosław Michalak who can confidently be referred to as the pillars of the company.

After the speech of the President, spoke Commercial Director, Jarosław Michalak, who briefly told about changes in the sales department and service department. Currently Coniveo boasts 9 sales representatives who every day support and care of the customers from Poland, 6 fully-equipped, their own service teams and specialist departments: administrative and marketing. Then came the stage director for development - Sebastian Margalski, showing changes in the company's image Coniveo on section 20-hundred years. He presented refreshed corporate identity Coniveo - has changed the logo agreement. Then the changes will appear in all advertising materials of the company and on websites.

The whole evening was graced finalist "Got Talent" and the Polish representative at the Paris Burlesque Festival 2012 - Pin Up Candy, who presented guests burlesque show at the highest level. Sweet touch was a cake, which, as you know, is a necessary element of every birth, even the company.

Thank you all for having fun together and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Coniveo. We hope that this evening will long remain in the memory of our guests. See you at the next anniversary!


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