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We like nice interiors in which we want to feel comfortable. Depending on our preferences, we can give our interiors a luxurious look by choosing the right colours, materials and shapes. The right choice of accessories allows us to achieve this. One of them are carpets, which we are more and more willing to use in bedrooms, living rooms and attics. We have a huge choice in this area, but not all coverings are synonymous with luxury.

Many carpet users associate natural carpets with luxury. And there is a lot of truth in this. Natural carpets made from wool, viscose, bamboo or silk fibres reflect what is most beautiful in nature. Wool carpets are extremely durable, warm, pleasant to the touch and, due to their natural characteristics, have anti-allergenic properties. The beautifully thick weave and natural colours characterise Jacaranda carpets, which are handmade in India. The variety of colours and designs is achieved through the process of selectively choosing high-grade wool raw material, mainly Tibetan and New Zealand wool.

Viscose, bamboo or silk fibres are characterised by their extraordinary softness and satin sheen. Carpets made from these fibres are characterised by exceptional style and unique design.

Luxury carpets are not just about looks, they are also about comfort and hassle-free care. Carpets that are 3x quicker and easier to clean, do not absorb odours or moisture, are the perfect solution for people who want luxury on a daily basis. These are the exceptional qualities of the innovative SmartStrand carpet. It is the first carpet made from renewable natural fibres rather than petroleum-based fibres. SmartSrand fibres are made partly from natural corn starch, making them the most environmentally friendly fibres on the market. Their production not only uses less energy, but also emits significantly less carbon dioxide.

SmartStrand fibres therefore not only take care of our environment, but also our comfort. The incredible durability of the fibres combined with the even greater softness of SmartStrand Silk provide the perfect solution for those with sophisticated needs who expect the best from life.

Agata Woźniak

Agata Woźniak

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