Who we are

Our history began in 1995. The Coniveo company was founded by Tomasz Urbański, whose dream was to build a company that counts on the market, fulfilling not only large orders, but also small ones.

From the very beginning, we have been distributing branded floor coverings and flooring accessories, as well as installing them in offices and institutions, schools, hotels, medical facilities, as well as private customers. We are a key partner for many of the leading Manufacturers in the object flooring industry. In addition, the company works directly with individual entrepreneurs, renovation and construction companies and interior designers.

We have already carried out several thousand different investments. Almost 30 years ago, we started as a small company, and today we are one of the largest companies in the object flooring industry in Poland. We have a sales department, a service department, a customer service office and a warehouse.


Thanks to our own warehouse and perfectly organised logistics, we fulfil small and large orders for our customers all over the country and even for customers from abroad. Our warehouse consists of over 40,000 m2 of carpets available "off-the-shelf" in the centre of Mazovia, Warsaw.

We have 5 of our own well-trained installation teams, which allows us to carry out the most unusual, small, medium and large orders in the country and abroad.

Coniveo is the owner of the brands:

Coniveo is a distributor of such Manufacturers of object carpets as: 2tec2, Artigo, Balsan Burmatex, Desso, Edel Group, Findeisen, Flexi Tile, Forbo, Gerflor, Itc Balta, ITC Natural Luxury Flooring, IVC, Jacaranda, Lano, Modulyss, Nora, Pergo, R-Tile, SmartStrand, Tajima, Tarkett, TecSom and Vorwerk.


Under the auspices of the Polish Trade and Services Association of the Floor Covering Industry, we are creating the industry magazine "Podłogowy Przegląd". It is the only such publication available on the Polish market, aimed at the floor coverings industry.

Coniveo is the owner of the first and largest outlet of object coverings in Poland. We have about 25,000 m2 of carpets at bargain prices in our own warehouses, regularly replenishing our stocks with bargain products. In addition, we cooperate with carpet manufacturers, presenting their sale products on our platform outlet.coniveo.pl.

We are a member of the Polish Association of Trade and Services of the Floor Covering Industry and the Polish Association of Private Employers of Trade and Services affiliated to the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, as well as a winner of numerous business awards.


Zespół coniveo - kwiecień 2022

Coniveo workforce - as of 2022

showroom coniveo

To our knowledge, this is the best equipped showroom in our part of the country. In one place, in a comfortable environment, you can see live samples of most of the floor coverings, doormats, anti-slip tapes available on our market, while consulting our experts.

We invite you to watch the episode "Good, because Polish!" dedicated to Coniveo:


Coniveo is a winner of numerous awards and distinctions


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Why is it worth it?
  • Free consultation
  • Branded floor coverings
  • Professional installation
  • Specialized accessories
  • Excellent service
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